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"A man must keep a little back shop where he can be himself without reserve. In solitude alone can he know true freedom."
-Michel De Montaigne 1588

October to December 2010

Oct 12, 2010 - I was surprised to find that the Suzuki had a light weight aluminum racing-style flywheel that is perfect for an electric motor.
Oct 13, 2010 - Got the chassis back from powder coating. I sure hope I don't have to weld anything else on the chassis.
Oct 17, 2010 - I took the unfinished car along with my hybrid electric horseless carriage to the Canadian Electric Vehicle Society’s first annual autumn show. The event was covered by the Toronto Star. One of the visitors was from New Zealand and he wrote it up on his blog.
Oct 19, 2010 - Back home from the show.
Oct 23, 2010 - Much easier to run brake lines with the car on the lift.
Oct 31, 2010 - I started to lay out my power connections. I'm using copper busbars rather than cables to connect the controller, shunts, fuses and contactor.
Nov 6, 2010 - Finished the brake lines. I decided to use silicone DOT5 brake fluid because it doesn't damage paint when spilled. I'm glad I did. Almost every joint leaked. Silicone is a lot thinner than regular brake fluid and the joints need to be perfect. Ended up ripping out all the lines and doing them a second time before I got the leaks fixed.
Instead of using a cable for the clutch like Suzuki did, I went hydraulic and got an aftermarket slave cylinder.
Nov 18, 2010 - Finished wiring up the controller board.
This is a view of the bottom of the board. I am using 6 computer heat sinks with fans and a 100 degree C temperature switch.
Nov 23, 2010 - Installed the main cables. Many thanks to Joe Stuart of Stuart Electrical Services for the loan of his hydraulic crimper.
Dec 18, 2010 - Made up a tach sensor using a Hall Effect Gear Tooth Sensor and a shaft collar with a tooth welded on.

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