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"A man must keep a little back shop where he can be himself without reserve. In solitude alone can he know true freedom."
-Michel De Montaigne 1588


I have to give a plug for some of the fine folks that have helped me in this project. Click on the image for a link.

Randy supplied the batteries, motor, controller and all the other related drive components for the car. CanEV has to be the best supplier of EV components in Canada if not North America. His advice and direction has been invaluable.
I've known Chris for quite a few years now. He is the best automotive technician I've ever met. Also a big Lotus fan. Many thanks for the help in tearing down the Suzuki and too many other things to mention.
Don has been a great help in providing advice and drawings of the Lotus 23 that I am using as the basis of my design.
Ron has an amazing machine shop and can probably make almost anything. He made the inserts for the rear uprights so they would accept the Suzuki drive shafts and also the tapered front spindles.
Galvin did a great job cleaning up, rebuilding and plating the brake calipers.
Mike did the sandlasting on the transmission casings. He also did all my powdercoating.
Joe was kind enough to lend me his hydraulic crimper to do my power cables. Give him a call if you are thinking of a solar cell installation.