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"A man must keep a little back shop where he can be himself without reserve. In solitude alone can he know true freedom."
-Michel De Montaigne 1588

The Shop

The last time I had a garage was about 1970 or so. Since then, I either didn't have one or it was full of junk.

Well, in August 2006, I decided that things had to change. It was time to start from scratch and build myself a new workshop/garage.

For the most part, I built the shop myself and only had help when the job was too awkward or too heavy (or too hard on my old knees).


The forms for the 21'6"x25' slab were put in in August 2006.


Then wire mesh and 5 inches of concrete.


I built the walls on top of the pad.


East and west walls were built on top of the north and south walls.


Needed help to stand them up. First the east/west walls...


then the north/south. Just like unfolding a box.


A compressor and air nailer sure made things a lot easier


It's now about the end of September and winter is coming ...


I didn't want any posts or beams inside, so I used Engineered Joists to span the entire width.


5/8" T&G for the roof. Time to order the steel for the roofing.


Meanwhile, siding goes on ...


and the doors and shingles for the mansard roof.


The steel roofing finally arrives.


Steel is great for a roof. It all went on in about 3 hours.


It's finally dry inside. It's now mid November.


Drywall on and taped


and primed.


Final light grey paint and lights


And heat! on Christmas Eve.


I had considered an epoxy floor but it turned out that porcelain tiles were cheaper.




Some cabinets


A beer fridge (holds 48) and some plumbing fixtures (It's a guy's shop)


Finally. A proper home for the Esprit


with some room left over for other projects.

Got the 4-post hoist installed.


and some more tools.


That pretty well finishes up the Shop...

The tile floor is great for cleaning up although weld splatter seems to stick.

I usually keep the heat at 50 deg F in the winter. The heater warms the shop to 75 deg in about 20 minutes.

What Fun!!!!